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Monday, October 18, 2010

sAya SayAng kamU, kAmu daN kAmU

ni order utk minggu ni..
sile la tengok2..
nk order sms/call/email k..
miskol xlayan..hahaha..
lain2 order next week yer..
sbb sy sedang berkursus bagai sehingga khamis..
tp pape pun just leave ur note k!!

 choco cornflakes in box
35pcs ordered by Miss X
the secret agent..
haa..jgn tnye die siape..sbb secret ok!!

 ni plak second order dari Nur Wahida yg dk blaja kt KPTM KB..
1st time ari tu die order tester pack 10packs ok..
nk bg2 kt kwn2 kata nye..
baik kn die..
yg ni plak sempena birthday die esk 19th Oct..
Selamat Hari Lahir Wahida..
Semoga Success Selalu..
Wahida juga order another 4sets of tester pack..
also a small2 complimentary gift for birthday girl..
tp xsempat snap..
 have a blast birthday sis!!

yang ini plak order dari SUS..
yg penting ini second order ye.
hehe..thanks SUS for ur support..
last time die order 5 pack..
but this time SUS order 10 packs..
plus sy kasi choco cornflakes utk SUS taste..
blm berkesempatan lg nk masuk umah ijau SUS..
umah baru die sweet n cantik la..
i likee..

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