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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

orDeR dr ownEr kEdai sUs n d fElt prOducT

ni order yg kali bpe dah..thanks sus..
sile la review gmbr2 kat bwh ni.

yg kat atas ni gift package 35pcs..
senang ngn sus ni..
die just ckp nk yg bpe biji, n tulis ape..
yg lain2 ikut kreativiti lilly jer..
kreatif la sgt kn..

 5 boxes of oreo choc..
cubaan pertama utk lukis2 free hand..
mintak halal la ye mn2 yg tercomot..

 5pack for mini pack chocolates..
filling SUs request nk peanut butter seme nye..
lilly buat different shape n color

 lasssssttttt skali,
a gift for a birthday girl..
yg ke 25 rs nye..
Happy Birthday Sus..
SUS ni sebaya ngn Lilly ok..
memsg masih muda remaja..
sape2 yg order dkt2 time birthday untung2 dpt free gift jugak..

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